Meow, WordPress Friends!

While Arline is off tending to Tessi I thought I’d jump on the computer and share some of the recent photos she’s taken of us that she has NOT taken the time to post.  I don’t know why I waste my time looking so handsome if she isn’t going to let the world see me!  Honestly, what is she thinking???

We’re at eleven and a half hours without Tessi’s trick knee going out.  The human is happy.  Here’s hoping it keeps up.

As for my new friend, Evie….  Oh, how I love her!!!  We chase each other around the house, share the same food bowl and if I settle down enough in the afternoon, she’ll even let me sleep with her.

Nap Time

It has been a bit of an adjustment.  She likes all my favorite spots and also my favorite lap in the house.


She has definitely proven to us that Tessi gets her grace from her mother.  Just like her daughter, Evie is a giant marshmallow that just flops wherever and whenever the mood strikes.  I guess not everyone can be as graceful as me.


Here are a few photos of my girls taken this week.  The first one is of Tessi after the human popped her trick knee back in yesterday…still beautiful as ever.  Thank goodness she feels better as soon as it’s back in place.



Above is one of “my” spots I spoke of.  This is where Evie sleeps at night and naps some afternoons when she needs time away from ME.

Playtime in the condoEven as miserable as Tessi has been feeling this week, she always makes sure she’s got one of her springs with her when she’s “anywhere”…even hiding under the bed.  That girl is a nut about wire!

spring toy

I certainly hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and all your four legged creatures are safe and warm and well fed.  If you know of those that are not…please help where you can.  Everyone deserves to be loved.  ♥

I’m so very thankful I am!!

Hugs and Purrs,



Taking a moment to bathe, while Bob is out in the freezing cold snow blowing during the blizzard.  It’s good to be me!


About Arline Grant

I'm a forty something grandmother who loves taking photos of my grandkids and my cats. I have three Maine Coons. Theodore, Tesserae and Evangeline. I enjoy photography, gardening and cruising around on a Harley. Happy Shooting and Blogging.
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