Before I start complaining let me say…TESSI IS DOING AWESOME!!!!

Her appointment yesterday went very well. She’s walking fabulously. I was just a bit taken aback when Dr. S said “another month of confinement and limited activity.” “I like the harness.  Keep that up.”

Is it me? I’m confused. The surgeon’s discharge papers said four weeks.
Four weeks and unrestricted indoor activity. But, we’re on six weeks and four more to go? No…..I didnt question it. Just walked out suprised. ……….and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to jepordize how far she’s come. Just seems excessive when she’s doing so well.

…….any thoughts from our luxating patella pals? I know some of you have mentioned no restrictions at all for your cat. How long for others?

Hugs from our corner,


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I'm a forty something grandmother who loves taking photos of my grandkids and my cats. I have three Maine Coons. Theodore, Tesserae and Evangeline. I enjoy photography, gardening and cruising around on a Harley. Happy Shooting and Blogging.
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11 Responses to BABY STEPS…….APPARENTLY….

  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    tessi & mom…..can ewe ask de surgeon what he thinks…seems ta bee a diffrunce oh opinion bee tween him N de vet…or are they one de same…..may bee they said another 4 weeks ta bee triple triple sure her will be OK ???

    way happee her appt went well tho…..

    • Arline Grant says:

      Thank you. I’m happy too. Just hate having her in the crate so much. My vet brought in an orthopedic surgeon to operate, so yes…different vets. I know I sound petty, really…we’ve come this far..what’s four more weeks, right?

  2. Maggie May says:

    Geez! Another month? Hmmm….. After Maggie May’s last and final surgery, she was confined for 17 days to a crate. After those 17 days, we kept her confined to our bedroom with stairs going up to the bed to minimize the jumps for another month. I actually thought we’d kept her confined for 30 days after the last surgery, but looking back, it was only 17 days. However, Maggie May was confined to the crate from August 27-October 10…. but that was due to having three surgeries total. Looking back at my blog, I see we were told recovery could take between 2-4 weeks and she should be confined to the crate for the first week.
    I know every vet is different, but I wonder why yours has tacked on another month. You think he might have been confused?
    Hopefully others will chime in as well.

    • Arline Grant says:

      I’m not sure. He’s probably being overly cautious. The surgeon’s four weeks makes more sense to me. I’m thinking I’ll only confine her when I’m not home. Like now while I’m at work, and keep an eye on her the rest of the time. Poor thing needs to get her life back and that leg moving.

  3. karincparker says:

    Well, here Punapippuri and Aila both had no crate confinement at all and both have healed very well . Their operations were over three years ago too. Personally, I would think crate confinement could for another month would be counterproductive and lead to muscle wastage.

  4. AnnJ says:

    Just wanted to stop by…. BillCat’s surgeon had us full crate confinement for 6 weeks and then really wanted more but we did room confinement for up to 3.5 months… He stressed that it would take a good 6 months to fully heal and we have a very rambuncious kitty who LOVES to run and jump. He had surgery right before Christmas and just got out of room confinement about mid-late March. He started limping briefly right at the 3 month mark so he got another week and then slowly let out of room confinement. I wasn’t terribly happy with the long period BUT after spending the money and he wasn’t that mad about room confinement (I spent a LOT of time with him in there so he wasn’t lonely) I figured we just shouldn’t rush it.

    • Arline Grant says:

      Thank you!!!! Thankfully Tessi is a very lazy girl. She’s never been much of a jumper (though that could be because it was never easy with a bum knee…time will tell)
      Right now we’re letting her out when we aren’t busy and can watch her. We live in a small one bedroom ranch so it’s not like she can get away with much without us catching her. The giant cat stand has been disassembled for the time being and we’re going to take it day by day. Thank you for your insight. I hope BillCat is doing well. Sending him healing hugs and purrs from our house!

      • AnnJ says:

        Yeah, if this had been our other cat Izzy it would have been totally different cause she doesn’t run or jump much at all. But yeah, after the first 6 weeks, we did mostly room confinement but Bill was still in the crate when we weren’t around. Rescue Remedy was our best friend for keeping him chill and by the end he actually just went in the crate willingly almost when we would leave. LOL! Anyway, Bill and I send our love to Tessi!!! She is one pretty cat and hope she recovers nicely and gets on with the life of a kitty!

    • Maggie May says:

      So glad to hear an update on BillCat!!! Maggie May sends him lots of noserubs!

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