9 Months Post Surgery

The last time I wrote was five months ago.  Shame on me.  Blogging is certainly not my strong suit, that’s for sure.

Tessi is doing amazingly well.  Looking back I think a lot of little quirks she had may have been due to her inability to jump or run.  I think she probably always had a problem with that knee and now that it’s repaired she’s like a new cat.

I won’t deny it…I still cringe when she jumps.  But, less and less each time.  It took me several months but I finally put the perches back on the seven foot cat tower.  She leaps up there like it’s nothing.  It is amazing.

Looking back on the fear and hesitation before having her operated on, I am so very thankful I went through with it.  She has certainly faired far better than I have.  For those of you who might remember, too exhausted to think clearly after her surgery I took a fall and separated my right shoulder.  After physical therapy, anti inflammatory meds, ice every night (still) and an MRI this summer….I guess it “is what it is” and it’s “my” new normal. Guess the arm won’t be what it was before…the older we get arthritis settles in to all those messed up spots and takes over.  Oh, well…it’s always something, isn’t it?

I’d love to say I’ll post more often, but I say that every several months don’t I?  I wonder if there’s such a thing as an annual blog?  lol

Watching herfish

Tessi watching her fish

Tessi and Evie

Evie (Tessi’s Mother) and Tessi…see the chickadee?


Kisses for the Mamma Bear


Merry Christmas!!!



About Arline Grant

I'm a forty something grandmother who loves taking photos of my grandkids and my cats. I have three Maine Coons. Theodore, Tesserae and Evangeline. I enjoy photography, gardening and cruising around on a Harley. Happy Shooting and Blogging.
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4 Responses to 9 Months Post Surgery

  1. geaner14@aol.com says:

    Your posts are welcome whenever you have a chance to put them there. I love reading about your furry ones! Love, Gerry

    Sent from my android device.

  2. Maggie May says:

    So very wonderful to hear she is like a new kitty! I know how great it is to see a once broken kitty thrive with their “new knees.” I also know what it’s like to cringe every time she jumps! Trust me, there will come a day when you won’t and it will be as if she never had a problem… never had surgery. I used to look at Maggie May all the time and only think about what she went through with her knees. Now, it’s almost forgotten. It has been over five years now.

    I am also sending you lots and lots of healing vibes for your shoulder. That sounds like such a painful injury and I hope that someday it will feel as good as Tessi’s new knees!

  3. Elyse K. says:

    Hello, beautiful Tessi and Evie! I am glad Tessi is doing so well! I agree with Gerry, I love to read about your furry ones ❤ Merry Christmas!

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    way happee everee one iz doin sew grate… well may bee knot mom but a few slices oh trout on yur shoulder N yur arm will bee like new two!! merry christmas everee one anda happee healthee N blessed 2014: heerz ta trout in everee shoo!!!!!!!!!!!

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