16 WEEKS …

Hard to believe, it’s been four months since Tessi’s surgery.  Four months since I was torn in two as to whether to put her through it or not.  Four months since I brought her home, all drugged up and broken.

For the record, I am sooooooooooooo glad we had her knee fixed.  She is doing absolutely, unbelievably well.  She runs, she jumps, she plays, she climbs.   She’s like a new cat.

I slowly returned levels of the cat tower to their rightful place up near the ceiling.  I cringed each new level and each time she jumped up (or down).  I still do…but, I don’t know why.  She’s not having any trouble at all.

She’s the first one up in the morning, talking away, like she use to when she was a kitten, following me from room to room.  The first in the kitchen when it’s time to eat and the first to the door when I get home.

I hate the thought of ever having to do the other knee, but if it needs to be done I won’t hesitate.

Life is good!


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MAY 2011 …..the arrival of Tesserae

teddy's new friend










It’s been two years, and as of late, a couple of stressful months.  Wouldn’t change any of it though.  Adore this cuddly, loveable fur ball and cannot imagine life without her.

Happy “GOTCHA DAY” Tessi! ♥♥♥

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wordless 052213a

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Greetings, Everyone.  Theodore here.  I think we can all agree on one thing….if my human isn’t sitting in one spot, waiting on Tessi to recover she absolutely SUCKS at updates!  Thank goodness for me.  You can now all have an overdue update while Arline is on her exercise bike searching for “Skinny Me” as she likes to refer to this person I have never met.  Anywho…..

Tesserae is doing wonderful.  I’ve taken very good care of her these last couple months and am happy to say she’s coming along great.  Every so often we see that she’s favoring the leg a bit, but it’s usually when she’s tired or has just gotten up from a long nap.  We cats love to nap, you know.  (Okay, me…not so much, but I hear most cats do)

The humans were cautious, but did let Miss Tessi out of your jail cell sooner than the 23rd of May date given at her last vet appointment.  Sshhh…don’t tell anyone.

They started out slow, just while they could watch her, then just while they were home.  Last week Arline put the crate back in the box and she’s been FREE ever since.  She’s so very happy.

We’ve only had one incidence…I was getting a bit rambunctious and came flying into the room to jump on her.  Out of nowhere her mother, Evie, came flying at me.  She smacked me on top of the head several times and I can say with certainy, I will NOT be doing that again!  First sign any of us saw of the mother/daughter bond and I am not messing with those two.

We hope this message finds everyone happy and smiling.  On behalf our the Grant-Florentino Felines we wish you a fabulous evening.  Hopefully Arline will stop by soon to share some photos.  (hopefully of us…but, be warned, she’s been working her butt off in the garden and snapping photos of more flowers and birds than anyone needs to see…odds are pretty good she’s gonna force them on you too.  Just scroll quickly)

Hugs and Purrs,

Theodore   >^..^<

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Before I start complaining let me say…TESSI IS DOING AWESOME!!!!

Her appointment yesterday went very well. She’s walking fabulously. I was just a bit taken aback when Dr. S said “another month of confinement and limited activity.” “I like the harness.  Keep that up.”

Is it me? I’m confused. The surgeon’s discharge papers said four weeks.
Four weeks and unrestricted indoor activity. But, we’re on six weeks and four more to go? No…..I didnt question it. Just walked out suprised. ……….and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to jepordize how far she’s come. Just seems excessive when she’s doing so well.

…….any thoughts from our luxating patella pals? I know some of you have mentioned no restrictions at all for your cat. How long for others?

Hugs from our corner,

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Tomorrow ….

I’m giddy. I’m sure Tessi would be too if she knew what tomorrow was. I’m happy for her (if we get our freedom papers) but nervous at the same time.  I’m sure I’ll hold my breath the first time she jumps.  Honestly, probably the first one hundred.
Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.  Thank you so much for all the support these last couple months.



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…in light of all that has gone on in Boston this week, it’s been hard to post.  Tessi is doing fabulous, so posting about it seemed so trivial.  I couldn’t decide when the right time would be.  If there ever would be a “right time”. But then I had to remind myself that we must carry on.  To stay frozen in this moment….they win!  …and they cannot win.

I took this photo last night.  Tonight we marked another hash on the countdown.


We wish you PEACE from New England,

Teddy, Tessi and Evie

…and Arline

b strong_pp

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