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It has taken me quite some time to come back to this blog.  I was afraid to.  Afraid to read the headline, to see Evie’s name…saddened to once again see that beautiful face staring back at me as I wrote my goodbye.  Not to say I don’t see her everywhere else, I do.  Her photo is my desktop on my home computer, my favorite photo of her hangs over the fireplace…  I see her in things that Tessi does and even more so just in my mind when I close my eyes.  Her ashes rest on a shelf in a beautiful box I lay my hand on each time I walk by.

In the two months that have passed since I last posted, we finished the “catio” and added a new member to our family.  It was a difficult decision.  One that I’m certain some folks thought I rushed into too quickly.  While I don’t feel I have to explain myself I will anyway.

We needed a diversion.  Something to help Teddy and Tessi and yes, ME, with our grief.  New life, happiness and the chance to give another a good home.

Four weeks after saying goodbye to Evie I took the drive north, back to Kelimcoons to pick up Evie’s great-granddaughter.  We named her Thea Evangeline.  Thea means “a gift” so it was a most fitting name for her.

Before even seeing her I had to have her!  All it took was, “well we have one who is very, very shy and doesn’t like people.”  YES, PLEASE!!!!  “Oh, you don’t want her.”  YES, YES I DO!

We had discussed different scenarios.  One of Evie’s daughters once she stopped breeding, maybe a kitten later on… nothing felt right except this kitten who thought people were gross, that I had never seen.

Then a photo arrived….

thea may 14 at 6 weeks

Oh, that face!  Be still, my heart.   I did my best to wait patiently for a decision to be made.  They wanted to give her a bit more time to come out of her shell.  I was NOT worried about this.  Tessi came to me very, very shy and has been the most sweet, loveable cat that has ever come into my life.   She may not give her heart to many, but to those she does, she doesn’t hold back.

The next photos I received of Thea again took my breath away…   What a little cutie.

thea collage

On July 3rd (what was a thinking… holiday traffic and here I was heading up into the White Mountains) I threw the carrier in the car and off I went.

I held it together the whole drive up but crumbled when I walked in the door.  Greeted by generations of Evie offspring was overwhelming.  I hated the thought of what had brought me back as much as I adore the Bergs.  I should NOT have been needing to add to my furry family.   Evie should still have been with me.   But, that is not what this post is suppose to be about.

Funny, how things turn out.  When I fell in love with the unseen kitten, I knew who her mother was but not her father.  I actually thought she was no relation to Evie; then I learned that her father was Supernatural Sam.  Evie’s grandson.

Well, they weren’t kidding about shy and thinking humans are gross.  Took quite some time to catch the little stinker.  She was tiny and sly and could squeeze into and under objects a human arm could not reach.  Once everyone went about doing other things and I planted myself on the floor and waited… out she came.

kelim trip b

She started by thinking her Uncle Nate would protect her from the scary lady who had come to take her home, but eventually made her way across the kitchen to get a drink of water.  Yes, another “water cat” like Theodore!

kelim trip e

kelim trip d

It took a bit of coaxing but once I had a hold of her I knew I would never let go….

kelim trip g

kelim trip h

So, welcome to the family Thea.


Hugs and Purrs,




About Arline Grant

I'm a forty something grandmother who loves taking photos of my grandkids and my cats. I have three Maine Coons. Theodore, Tesserae and Evangeline. I enjoy photography, gardening and cruising around on a Harley. Happy Shooting and Blogging.
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10 Responses to NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. says:

    What a lovely story! Evie is forever in your heart and is continuing her legacy through Thea. So many life lessons are taught to us through our loving furry family members. Enjoy all the love they give, Arline!! Fondly, Gerry…and Harry Cat asleep on my lap 🙂

  2. =^..^=
    uz cats haza sayin…one cat never leeves with out sendin another…thea iz a gift frum evie on manee levels……happee gotcha day two ewe thea N welcome ta yur forevers home…heerz two best fishes, mice creem dishes N yeerz a head filled with happee nezz, health , flounder, friez, ham samiches & trout !!! ♥♥♥♥ da tabbies

    arline: I am very happy for you…thea is a beautiful girl…you adopted her when YOU needed to, that’s all that counts…no explanations necessary…screw what others say or think…I’ve known people who adopt right away, wait a few months, wait a few years….only you know what’s in your heart and frankly it’s no one’s business… but yours….

    I have a feeling once thea settles in, she’s going to come out of that..false shell….top picture above the two daisies…she may end up being a little hell raiser after all !! congrats to you ♥


    • Arline Grant says:

      It’s all good… in a nutshell (maybe a story for another post) noses were out of joint a bit (more with me than with the new addition) and everyone got sick… due to the little virus vessel I brought home, but it’s all good now. Everyone is on the mend, they adore her and within days she turned into a cuddle bug… she’s a lap cat who loves to give kisses. She most certainly has stolen my heart.

  3. she is ADORABLE!! there is no time limit on grief….and no time limit on when your heart is ready to love another. Evie will never be replaced….but Thea shows us all that life does move on. 🙂

    • Arline Grant says:

      Thank you!!!! It has been a rough month. Any time you upset the balance in the house and add another. Everyone got sick and everyone seemed out of joint for a bit. It’s wonderful now. I think I beat myself up about the whole thing more than anyone else questioned me. So very glad we brought her home. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us laugh.

  4. Maggie May says:

    Oh my goodness! Look at that cutie!! Welcome to your wonderful family, Thea! You are so very lucky!!

  5. Elyse K says:

    I was looking at the catio pictures and … wait a minute … do I see three kitties? That tail, I don’t recognize that tail … hold on just a second here. And sure enough, here is an introduction to Thea of Kelimcoons! Welcome to your family, Thea Evangeline! It is very nice to meet you, and very nice to see the amazing catio pictures with Tessi, Teddy and in memory of precious Evie. XO XO XO XO!

    Your admiring fan,

    • Arline Grant says:

      Thank you so much, Elsye.
      She has been a welcome breath of fresh air and happiness. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Evie, but am thankful for this little bundle of fluff. She has quickly taken her great grandmother’s place at nap time. Apparently she passed that “cuddle with me and I’ll stay on the bed all day” trait on to Thea.
      So many pics and stories to come. Shame on me for not being here more often to share them all. But, I’m busy cuddling the kitten. lol

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